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Project Focus offers free, non-credit, short courses that provide sound biblical teaching by Luther Rice College & Seminary professors through an easy-to-use online course delivery system.

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God is Waiting to Meet You

In this four-session course you will learn the basic character and attributes of God. God has taken the initiative to know us and reveal Himself to us. Through His revelation we find that God is a very personal God who wants us to know Him, and has made arrangements for this to be possible. You will not just know about God from watching this video, but you will be introduced to how you can have a faith-relationship with Him.

Engaging Your Finances

What does God have to say about money management? Is God interested in your financial health? In this four-session course, your will acquire the basic tools for financial management. You will learn that financial health is more than making your money work for you; it is about being a good steward of God’s resources.

God's Global Purpose

What is God’s overarching plan for humanity? Is there one consistent them to Scripture? In this four-session course, Dr. Dennis Dieringer will encourage you to think differently about the priority of God’s purpose in the Bible. Join Dr. Dieringer as he explores God’s Global Purpose.

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